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Step into the world of high-speed excitement at Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar with our new state of the-art racing simulators!

Watch Live Sports Events with Friends, Food & Drinks in Our Sports Lounge.

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Introducing our State-of-the-Art Cool Performance Racing Simulators

Experience the pulse-pounding thrill of Formula One racing like never before. With our brand-new F1 simulators, prepare to be fully immersed in the heart-racing action of the racetrack. Navigate hairpin turns and straightaways at exhilarating speeds, feeling the raw power of the engine beneath you as you race towards victory.

Customize your driving experience to perfection with adjustable skill levels, ensuring that every aspect of your simulation matches your preferences and driving style. Our authentic F1 steering wheel provides precise feedback, delivering the same sensations as being behind the wheel of a real racing car.

With seamless gear changes that elevate your performance, you can focus solely on the thrill of the race without any distractions

Get ready to push the boundaries of speed and precision with our F1 simulator – the ultimate racing experience awaits you at Players Indoor Golf & Sports Bar.

Race Against the Phantom Car

Take on the challenge of racing against our phantom car in intense sessions on our F1 simulators. Can you keep up? Prepare to test your limits and experience the ultimate racing adrenaline in our newly opened F1 Racing Lounge area.

Drive to Survive with Our New Simulators, Used By F1 Drivers!

Elevate your racing skills to new heights with our Cool Performance racing simulators, endorsed by F1 professionals themselves. Crafted to deliver the most authentic F1 experience imaginable, these simulators boast top-of-the-line technology and precision engineering.

Every detail has been meticulously fine-tuned by industry experts, ensuring that you're in for the ride of your life. Get ready to feel the rush like never before – the pinnacle of racing awaits you at Players F1 Racing Lounge! Drive to Survive with Our New Simulators, Used By F1 Drivers!



Frequently Asked Questions

Have some fun RACING in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Our experienced staff is more than happy to assist you with anything you need, so please don't hesitate to ask.

1What's the difference between arcade racing and professional simulator racing?

When you go to an arcade and play a racing game, it's fun, but it's not realistic. The controls can feel clumsy, and the experience doesn't mimic real racing.

Professional racers use simulators to practice when they're not on the road because they provide a realistic driving experience. These simulators have precise controls, like realistic steering wheels and adjustable pedals. They give feedback similar to what you'd feel in a real race car.

Arcade racing games are for a quick, fun experience lasting 5-10 minutes with low quality graphics, while professional-grade simulators offer a genuine racing experience.

Cool Performance creates the perfect training tool for racing drivers! Some features to get excited about:

  • Accurate hydraulic braking system
  • Precise steering feedback with real F1 wheel
  • Customizable steering options
  • Adjustable hydraulic pedal drops
  • Seamless gear changes
  • Fully immersive video screens
2Can I hang out in the sports bar without racing?
Absolutely! Our sports bar is a great place to hang for food and drinks and watching all the big games whether you are using our racing or golf simulators!
3Do you have real formula one courses?
Yes, we have formula 1 tracks.
4How Much Does Formula Simulator Racing cost
$20+tax per 30 minutes
5What Racing Sim Software do You use
We use Assetto Corsa simulators, which are the same ones used by F1 Drivers
6Can F1 simulators improve driving skills?
Yes, many professional F1 drivers use simulators to practice and improve their driving skills. Simulators offer a risk-free environment to experiment with racing lines, braking points, and car setups. They are also used for familiarization with tracks, especially by rookie drivers.


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