Do I have to bring my own equipment?

We encourage bringing your own equipment, which includes golf clubs and golf balls. Golf balls must be clean and unmarked. If you don't have golf clubs we have some available for rent on first come first served basis and golf balls that are available to borrow for your round.


What kind of shoes should I wear?

Comfort is key! Wear a clean and comfortable pair of athletic style shoes and if you have golf shoes, they must have soft spikes. 


How long does a round take?

Typically, an 18 hole round will take an hour per player. For a foursome, we recommend renting the simulator for four hours. If your time runs out in the middle of your round, you may rent the simulator for an extended period of time if no one is scheduled to use the bay after you. However if someone is scheduled to use the bay after you, you must finish 5 mins prior to your end time no matter where you are in your round. 


Do I get to choose the course?

Definitely! We have a very large selection of courses available of many different difficulties.  Choose to play on one of the 87 world-class golf courses we have available.


How many players per simulator?

Grab a group of friends and play with up to four people per simulator or come practice by yourself. However, we have a VIP room that can accommodate more players (numbers differs by location).


How do your rates work?

You pay by the hour not per player. Simulators are TIME based.


What if I’ve never golfed before?

Golf simulators are the best way for beginners to learn! It is a friendly environment where you can focus without being rushed.


Are kids allowed to play?

We are a family-friendly establishment where kids are definitely allowed to play but only under adult supervision. So bring the whole family!


If you require any further information, please contact us at: 1-844-GOLF-IGC