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February 9, 2017

5 Reasons Why Sports Bar Is Better Than a Stadium For The Big Game

Sports Bar vs. Stadium

The allure of heading off to the stadium to watch your favourite team beat the visiting opponents is truly something in itself.  The bright lights, the roar of the crowd, the camaraderie of your fellow fans — what’s not to love about watching the game at the stadium? 

Although this all sounds like a great time, you find yourself asking yourself if you should go to the stadium or watch the game locally.  We’re here with five reasons why watching the game at a sports bar is better than going to the stadium.


The cost of heading off to watch the game in person can be huge.  When you factor in the cost of your ticket, transportation, parking, food and drinks you can be looking to spend upwards of $100 or more per person.  Watching the game at a sports bar allows that same $100+ to be stretched a lot further, and more bang for your buck is a good thing, right?


Driving into the city for a game is a hassle.  Spending what seems like hours cruising up and down side streets looking for that ideal parking spot, finally giving up and paying for over-priced lot parking tends to put a damper on the evening.  Choosing to watch the game at a sports bar gives you piece of mind in knowing that finding a parking spot isn’t going to be an issue, and, better yet, it’s free!

Food and Drink

Over the last decade plus, most stadiums have upped their food and drink games.  They provide a range of finger foods and domestic/generic beverages for you to enjoy while you watch the game.  However, those foods come with a high cost, and typically aren’t of the best quality.  Going the sports bar route gives you a superior quality of grub, a fully stocked bar and choice of beer that isn’t $14 per can.


When the game hits the first intermission and you get that hankering for a salty snack, the thought of having to leave your seat, climb all the way up or down the stairs, march down the corridor only to wait in line for 10 minutes just to get a pretzel is usually enough to stop you from getting out of your chair in the first place.  Why bother with all of that, when you could have someone come to take your order and get you exactly what you want without missing a single play of the game.  Sounds like a good deal to me.


Sure, when you head to a stadium or arena to watch the game, you’re in the action.  However, as a sports fan, you probably want to see ALL of the action from around the league.  At a stadium, you’re held hostage to the tiny score ticker on the perimeter of the building, whereas at a sports bar, you can turn your head slightly and be right there in another game.  The variety of games that are available keeps your finger on the pulse of your favourite teams competition around the league.

Although nothing beats the excitement of being in the stadium, cheering along your favourite team with thousands of other people, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of watching multiple games and having food and drink delivered right to your seat, all while allowing you to keep a little more cash in your pocket.  Sports bars vs. stadiums?  Sports bars all the way!

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